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dr Dorota (Dota) Szymborska – filozofka, etyczka i socjolożka

TOP 100 Women in AI in Poland (2022)

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The Maria Curie-Skłodowska University                               Lublin, Poland, 2022

Faculty of Philosophy

Ph.D. in Philosophy

Thesis title: A Philosophy of Posthumanism and the Praxis of Robots in Autonomous Cars in the Aspect of the Collision of Intercultural Systems in Asia and Europe

Supervisor: dr hab. Tomasz Kitliński, Freie Universitaet Berlin


Graduate School for Social Research                                     Warsaw, Poland, 2005

Institute of Philosophy and Sociology Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw

Four year Ph.D. course


Warsaw University                                                                      Warsaw, Poland, 2003

Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Social Prevention

MA in Sociology

Thesis title: The story of foe, about the Basque Country

Supervisor: prof Marcin Król, Warsaw University


International Institute of Sociology in Law                               Onati, Spain, 2003

One year Master Course

Scientific Director of the course: prof Malnolo Calvo - Garcia


Warsaw University                                                                       Warsaw, Poland, 2001

Faculty of Philosophy

MA in Philosophy

Thesis tile: Logical atomism by Russell and Wittgenstein. Distinction and similarities

Supervisor: prof Jacek Hołówka, Warsaw University

Research Experience


My research focuses on ethical issues related to the impact of AI on modern society. I am working on a draft of code of ethical action between scientists and machines (nonprotein scientist – AI).

Doctoral dissertation is devoted to the philosophical understanding of how robots and artificial intelligence function in autonomous vehicles. The aim of this dissertation is to identify solutions regarding the robotization and independence of machines as well as the transhumanist understanding of the world, taking into account the intercultural systems of two continents: Asia and Europe. Posthumanism, associated with the mass introduction of new technologies and solutions, requires the redefinition of many concepts, both in the field of philosophy and in the social sciences.

Research Interest   

  • Ethical issues of the new technologies.
  • Digitalization of society - opportunities and threats.
  • Automotive policy and the structure for building an ethical decision-making system in autonomous vehicles.
  • Metaverse as a platform for communication and business.
  • Social Media and its impact on the life of societies.

Awards and Grants            

  • “Residencia Grant” in International Institute of Sociology in Law, Onati, Basque Country, Spain founded by IISL and Basque Government, April 2004 – July 2004.
  • Scholarship founded by Minister of Education of Poland from 2000 academic year till 2003.
  • Scholarship Erasmus/ Socrates in International Institute of Sociology in Law, Onati, Basque Country, Spain, October 2002 to April 2003.
  • “Computer Grant” in International Institute of Sociology in Law, Onati, Basque Country, Spain, October 2002 to April 2003.
  • Scholarship for the best marks founded by university (during all study).

Teaching Experience 

  •  Teacher of “Judaism” at the High Schools in Lublin during “Tolerance workshop” organised by Forum of Intercultural Dialog, Lublin, Gliwice, Poland, 2003.
  • Leading of workshops about Holocaust in Polish High Schools, organised by Society Club and PUSZ, series of “Broken Silence”, Warsaw, Poland, 2003 -2004.
  • Academic teacher at the Warsaw University – independent seminar in Department of Gender Studies “Judaism, feminism and Israel”, one semester, Warsaw, Poland, 2003-2004.
  • Series of lectures during PUSZ (Polish Union of Jewish Students) camp, “Branches of Judaism”, bloc of lectures and discussions “History of Sephardic Jews”, Domaniewice, August, 2006.
  • Author's workshop for young parents on early childhood education, Warsaw, Karków, Lublin, Poland, 2008-2010.
  • Author's workshop for young parents on early childhood for LIMUD participants, Jachranka, Poland, 2012-2013.
  • Creative writing workshops for students of SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw, Poland, 2012.
  • Series of open lectures on Transhumanism Society, Warsaw, Poland, 2021-2022.
  • Academic Lecturer in Collegium Humanum, Warsaw, Poland, 2023.
  • Academic Lecturer in Akademia Medyczna Humanum, Warsaw, Poland, 2023.
  • Academic Lecturer in University WSB Merito, Warsaw, Poland, 2023.


Invited Talks 

  • Open lecture at Wroclaw University, „From Chasidic women, to lesbian rabbis“ Wroclaw, May, 2006.
  • Member of panel discussion organized by Pontifical Academy in Krakow “IX Day of Judaism in Catholic Church”, Krakow, January 2006.
  • Open lecture during “LadyKonfa” conference, “Women and Halacha. Freedom or subjugate?” Warsaw, December, 2005.
  • Open lecture at Feminist Foundation - eFka, “Lesbians – rabbis, rabbis – lesbians”, Krakow, November, 2005.
  • TEDx WUM, WUM, speech „Passengers of Algorithms”, https://youtu.be/A7eAcXcPsNk Warsaw, November 2019.
  • Perspektywy. Women in Tech Summit, Perspektywy, Ethics of Algorithms in Autonomous Vehicles – Roots and Possibilities, Warsaw, November, 2019
  • Perspektywy. Women in Tech Summit, Perspektywy, Does a scientist has to be human?, Warsaw, November 2020
  • ML Community Poland, ChatGPT - ML on humans, Kraków, March 2023.
  • XI Cashless Kongres, Digital Era, Open lecture: CHAT GPT as an example of generative AI solutions that are changing the perception of everything we have learned and seen so far, Warsaw, May 2023
  • Responsible AI, open lecture for P&G and Google, Warsaw, October 2023

Conferences (Lead Author) 

  • Course „Electoral Packet” organized by National Democratic Institute For Internationals Affairs, Warsaw, Poland, 1998.
  •  „Winter Youth School” organized by Westminster Foundation for Democracy and “Polish Work” Foundation, Ustron, Poland, 1998.
  • Member of “Summer school of Political Philosophy” organized by Institut fur die Wissenschaften vom Menschen in Vienna,  Cortona, Italy, 2000.
  • Member of “Second summer school of Feminism” organized by  Oska – National Women’s Information Center and Gender Studies at the Warsaw University, Zegrze, Poland, 2000.
  • Member of National Conference “Polish Students and Integration with European Union” arranged by Student’s Self-government University Board at the Lodz University, Lodz, Poland, May, 2000.
  • Member of 15nd Winter Course of Isodarco (International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts) “South-Eastern Europe: Internal Dynamics and External Intervention”, Andalo, Italy, February, 2002.
  • Member of Summer School Wierzba 2001, “Europe: One, Two, or Many”, arranged by Graduate School for Social Research, Warsaw and The Department Of Political Sciences, Freie Universitat Berlin, Marc Bloch Institute, Berlin Wierzba, Poland, September, 2001.
  •  Member 22nd Summer Course of Isodarco (International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts) entitled “Global Climate Changes and Impact on Natural Resources.”, Candriari, Italy, June, 2001.
  • Member of National “Seminar of Political Philosophy” arranged by Institute Tertio Millennio and Jagiellonian University, Jaroslaw, Poland, January, 2001. 
  • Member of “2002 Krakow Democracy & Diversity Institute”, organized by New School Now York, Przegorzaly, Poland, June, 2002.
  •  “Building Toward the Future – Jewish – Christian Dialogue in Inter – Cultural Context” organized by Augsburg University, Notre Dame University, Centre for Dialogue and Prayer in Oswiecim, Pontifical Academy of Theology in Krakow, Krakow, Poland, September, 2003.
  • “The Sixths gathering of TaMaR” organised by World Union of Progressive Judaism with cooperation with Hagsaham Department of World Zionist Organisation, Jerusalem, Israel, June, 2003.
  • “How to Fight Misused Images: the Role of Jewish Leader” organized by European Union of Jewish Students with educational assistance of the Directorate of Youth And Sport of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France, May 2003.
  • Member of 15th Winter Course of Isodarco (International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts) “The Surge in nonstate violence: roots, impacts and countermeasures”, Andalo, Italy, February, 2003.
  • “The Seventh gathering of TaMaR” organised by World Union of Progressive Judaism with cooperation with Hagsaham Department of World Zionist Organisation, Jerusalem, Israel, February, 2004.
  • National Scientific Conference "Culture Matters", UMCS, paper Artificial Intelligence, threat or support for culture, Lublin, Poland, November, 2018.
  • National Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference "Cultural Faces of Technology", AGH University of Science and Technology, paper: Zero-one model of transcultural - human-algorithmic project, Krakow, Poland, March, 2019.
  •  Interdisciplinary Conference "Shapes of Future", The University of Bielsko-Biala, paper, Choices - ethical problems of algorithms in autonomous vehicles, Bielsko Biala, Poland, March 2019.
  • National Scientific Conference "False - forgery - counterfeit - fake. Culture, history, media, society”, Facta Ficta Research Centre, paper: Fake Social Bubbles, Krakow, Poland, April 2019.
  • National Scientific Conference “The Spirit of Reason. Research by young scientists inspired by religion", UO, paper: Religiosity of machines, Opole, Poland, May 2019.
  • National Scientific Conference "Interdisciplinary Forum #power", KUL, paper: "Man vs. Artificial intelligence", Lublin, Poland, May 2019.
  • National Scientific Conference "Human and non-human faces of transhumanism", UMCS, Lublin, paper: Artificial Intelligence: do we have anything else to say, Lublin, June 2019.
  • Summer School - PhiWeek Bootcamp, European Space Agency (ESA), ESRIN, Summer School. Rome, Italy, 2019.
  • XI Polish Philosophy Congress, KUL, paper: Autonomous cars and their choices, Lublin, September 2019.
  • Scientific Conference "Transhumanism: ideas, strategies, doubts 3.0", University of Warsaw, Warsaw, February 22-23, 2020, paper: Religiousness of machines, Warsaw, Poland, February 2020.
  • Scientific Conference "Transhumanism: ideas, strategies, doubts 3.0", University of Warsaw, paper: Religion of machines2, Warsaw, Poland, February 2020.
  • International Scientific Conference - SLSA - Socio-Legal-Studies-Association, Annnual Conference, paper: A Scientist does not have to be Human?, Cardiff University, Great Britain, April 2021.
  • Conference "Aesthetic Thinking", Department of Aesthetics and Philosophy of Culture, UMCS and Witkacy Theater in Zakopane, paper: Beauty in the Metaverse Zakopane, Poland, May 2022.
  • Wirtualium 2.0, "Implementing ethics in virtual space: an interdisciplinary analysis of moral relationships in the context of virtual reality technology", VR, May 2023
  • Conference: Parergon as a metaphor for the contemporary world. Philosophy, Aesthetics, Art, paper: "Artificial Intelligence as a parergon of contemporary art: Aesthetics and philosophy in the face of new technologies", Zakopane, June 2023.
  • Conference: Ethics by Design, paper: Human-Centric AI, Bringing Sociological Insights and Philosophical Ethics in Medical and Financial Industries, October 2023
  • Ethics in AI, 3rd edition of Day in education, UŁ, Łódź, April 2024.
  • Wirtualium 3.0, "Aesthetic in VR" VR, May 2024.
  • Conference "Philosophy, Aesthetics, Art", paper "Ethics of AI vs new holism perspective." UMCS and Witkacy Theater in Zakopane, May 2024.

Online courses

Industry Experience        

  • PR manager responsible for communication of IT and energy companies.
  • Preparation of texts for websites, SoMe, SEO writing.
  • Creating communication strategies for start-ups.
  • Author of texts on new technologies.
  • Website editor.
  •  Expert Management Specialist in marketing with influencers. 
  • Writing parenting texts for websites.
  •  Co-creation of a permanent column - Academy of Emotions, interviews with psychologists and psychotherapists.
  • In-depth interviews with psychologists and psychotherapists prepared according to the author's scheme prepared by me.
  • Preparing texts in the field of early education, upbringing, women's topics and sport.